I’ve lived in Seattle for over 30 years, watching the city change and grow.

eal estate is no exception, becoming steadily more valuable…astronomically so in the last five years.

Along with the changes in the market, my own style as a Realtor has changed. I’ve always wanted to emphasize the “real” in real estate, but I needed time and experience to make that happen. When I was a kid, my parents owned a mortgage company, so it was an easy transition when I had young kids of my own to get my real estate license. When my kids were little, I began working as a part-time agent. As the kids grew, so did my business, and by 2012, I was a full time Realtor. 10 years later, I’m in a position to be the kind of agent I’ve always wanted to be: 100% authentic. I’m excellent at my job, but at the same time committed to work that gives back to my community

My clients know that I am passionate about equality. My son has special needs, and I am dedicated to helping adults with disabilities live full lives. Provail is one of my favorite organizations and has my full support. I also contribute to Byrd Barr Place, because I share its mission of fostering the self sufficiency of all Seattlites. And finally, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I am part of that movement.

My work as a Realtor is rooted in these values, and I thrive working with clients whose commitment to making the world a better place mirrors my own.

Real people say…

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