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I am a Realtor who empowers real people to buy and sell homes in the complicated Seattle Market without feeling crazed.

Everything You Need to Know About the Seattle Market

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It’s no secret that Seattle is a competitive area.

I’m the right relator for you if you want guidance, but also someone to commiserate with. I can help you understand and process the market with as we search for a home you love.


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If you’re looking for your first home in the greater Seattle Area. 


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If you’re ready for your next home or you are moving out of the area.

I grew up in a mortgage family.

We owned a mortgage company and so real estate and mortgage was always in my world. And I was a stay at home mom and it was like, “I want to go back to work, but I don’t want to do retail. And so what can I do?” And I got my license and then I slowly went from part time. And then as my kids got older, I went full bore. So about 2012, I went full speed ahead.

I can see how entire generations lives are changed through building wealth and real estate.

The average renter versus the average homeowner in America, I think the average renter has $,5000 to $7,000 in savings, and then the average homeowner in Seattle in particular has… I think over a $100,000 in equity. And that’s average.

I get to be a part of changing the trajectory of not just their lives, but very likely their legacy.

If you’re buying a home in Seattle and in 30 to 40 years, you are going to gift that to your children or leave that to your children, you could be creating generations of wealth. I mean, truly. I think about people that bought something in San Francisco and that 1980s, and now what they can give to their children. And it’s a trip that you can actually… And that you can rent something too once you own it, and then have someone else basically buy the investment for you. It’s like nothing else.

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